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Hello, this blog is all about the politics and the latest and very hot news. this blog is made by taurusvig and manmadhan.we also have another blogs protraying about economics,cell info, cricket info


The shaking news of today is none other that the rampage of a gunman who shot 12 men down and at last himself. The incident took place in the immigration services centre in downtown Binghamton on Friday. It was a pleasant day in which a gunman just took the people in the building as hostage and just started to fire them. He killed 12 of them who were gathered to take the citizenship test. The media later concluded that the gunmen was none other than the forty-two-year-old iverly Voong from upstate New York. ABC News cited the police as saying that Voong - also known as Linh Phat Voong - was from Johnson City, New York. After 4 hours this hostage drama came to an end and the gunman Linh Phat Voong who was forty-two-years-old shot himself and gave up his life. The officials did a lot of hard qwork to finish this assignment but they got some of the loss too. The officials are trying to find the motive of the gunman. However NYPD has arrested two of the suspects and taken them into custody. The officials and the governor explained about the incident and about the gunman in the press conference held later.
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This is the year which determines the progress of the states. The elections had earlter took place in the union territories. It was a good election which no strikes or terror attacks. The upcoming general elections which are going to take place between April 15 and may third week. Election dates and the IPL season 2 dates which clashed each other by which the IPL 2 was taken abroad south Africa. While many of the IPL fans were disappointed they were somewhat compensated with these general elections. These elections are going to take place in 5 phases in different dates. Many contestants have nominated and had given their papers but only some are there. This election is expecting a lot of change in the India but it can only be said after the elections and the counting’s over. In this election many of them are just contesting for many positions while Advani for the prime minister post and many more. The Rahul Gandhi’s issue which is the major news as of now. He is booked under the NSA by mayavathi. This issue is growing very instantly but the chief minister mayavathi is not showing any sign of leaving rahul Gandhi. To take revenge on her the supporters of rahul Gandhi will not just vote in favor of the present chief minister mayavathi . however and what ever we discus in this issue, it can be only solved after the upcoming general elections only. So let us wait and see the fate of INDIA in the upcoming years that too in this economic meltdown state.

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